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Blessed Birth Doula Care

Madrone Mireille Cervelli, LM, CPM (they/them/theirs)


I am passionate about the work that I do as a doula. I see my job as more of a life calling than a typical career path. It warms my heart to know that through my unwavering presence I am able to impact birth outcomes and support calm transitions for new families.


I have served the local birthing community as a doula and midwife for 20 years. I started attending births in 2003 to support friends and quickly discovered my calling to support families during the childbearing years. In 2006 I became trained and certified through DONA and since then have been serving as a professional birth doula in Santa Cruz, the greater South Bay and Peninsula.


In 2019 I graduated from the National Midwifery Institute and began my career as a Home Birth Midwife Licensed by the State of California. You can find out more about my midwifery care here.


I am now also offering Monitrice Care, concierge in-home medical care, as an add-on to doula labor support. I am also a yoga instructor with an emphasis on pre-and postnatal yoga. I’m a trained life coach specializing in the transition into childbearing years and I’m attuned to the Master Level in Reiki. I combine intuitive energy work and coaching skills to support moms in healing past trauma during the pre-and postnatal periods.


I live in Santa Cruz with my three amazing children. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time in nature with my children, cooking, practicing yoga, riding my bike, and gardening.   


Birth Doula

Guidance and support for your birth process


In-home concierge medical care with concurrent doula labor support

"Mireille helped us with our birth plan, eased any fears, and supported us to have a natural childbirth! We couldn't have done it without her. She was there from when we first called her all the way until baby was born, never leaving us. The best part was she really supported my partner in being part of the birthing process."

Ashley M. from San Jose

Philosophy and Specialties of Care

Through my decade of experience supporting hundreds of families during birth in a wide range of settings and circumstances I bring a well-rounded approach and style of care. My role is to empower and educate clients to make informed choices. I carry a balance of wisdom and an intuitive trust in the birthing process as well as an understanding of how to support families in changing the course of their birth plan when appropriate.


I am a hands-on doula, ready to anticipate your needs with comfort measures, a gentle nurturing touch, and reassuring words of support. It’s important to me that the partner be as involved as possible in the labor process, so I guide partners in supporting the labor with comfort measures and positions as appropriate. I also knows when to stand back and allow space for the birth to unfold organically. My role changes depending on the circumstances that present during the labor and I am able to intuitively know what is needed moment to moment.   


I bring unbiased information and support so you feel positive that every decision you make was the best possible decision for your family. When you work with me, you labor assured that your doula does not have an agenda for your birth other than in supporting you in having the birth you want.

I specialize in working with families planning natural births. I am also supportive and experienced with working with all types of birth plans - from high risk and scheduled caesarean births to home water births.


I am experienced and sensitive in working with unique family configurations. I have personal experience with single motherhood and LGBTQ relationships and I’m an advocate for transgender youth. I also specialize in high risk pregnancies, including significant experience with twin and VBACs. I work with a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. I bring a warmth and compassion to any birth setting and put people at ease.   


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